Our history

Where did the idea for Deco in a box come from?

By whom : The owner of Option Concept, Véronique Turcotte, passionate about design, is one of the only designers in the Outaouais region with a diploma from the International Academy of Design and Technology of Montreal obtained in 2003.

As told by Véronique Turcotte : It's very simple, about 15 years ago I did my first trade show in order to make Option Concept known and I had to decorate my 5'x 10' booth. So I started my search for accessories in a big box store to find eye-catching items. At the end of my shopping, I was stopped in the rows several times by customers asking me where I had found all the beautiful accessories that were in my basket. And I answered them: here, everywhere in the store. Eureka! The idea was seeded. We can see lots of accessories separately, it is their arrangement that constitutes an Art! Besides, having an Interior Design consulting business does not necessarily mean being comfortable with retail. So the idea sat in the drawer for 15 years. When I met another designer, Sonia Roussel, who was just as passionate about design as I was, I felt it was the right time to launch Deco in a box! So here we are with 5 atmospheres to offer and the possibility of creating tailor-made atmospheres while making you discover beautiful local and regional companies.