Carefully selected from Quebec and Canadian companies only!

Deco in a box what is it?

It's a combination of quality decorative accessories created by a team of seasoned interior designers and delivered to your door. All you have to do is bring out the decorator in you to arrange them in the place of your choice. Whether from Montreal to Quebec via Toronto, we will find the perfect accessories for your dream decor.

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Who is it for?

Whether you just want a change of scenery or
you are a decoration enthusiast who lacks time to shop, an interior designer who prefers to serve his clients rather than spending his time finding the perfect item, an entrepreneur for whom the decoration is not the strong point, everyone will be able to find the desired atmosphere there.

And why not offer it as a gift to new owners?

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How it works?

No more going to dozens of stores to find the perfect decorative accessory! All you have to do is choose the atmosphere you are looking for, the format of your box according to the size of the room and your decorative box will be delivered directly to your door. And why not add a touch of color with our accent accessories sold separately?

The small box is ideal for adding a touch to your decor, the medium for creating an atmosphere and the large for a change of scenery!

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    • Quebecers & Canadian

      Premium quality decorative accessories, exclusively
      Quebecers and Canadians in order to promote the local and regional economy.

    • Eco-responsible packaging

      Here we advocate reuse for all our packaging. We
      give a second LIFE to everything that comes to hand, so as to reduce our ecological footprint.

    • choice by designer

      Each accessory is carefully selected by specialists in the field of interior design.

    • Craftsmen from us

      Our craftsmen make exclusive products of superior quality. Created by a local family to enhance your home. One house at a time, one little happiness at a time, that is our success.

    our history

    The atmospheres are created by Option Concept, a company working in the field of interior design for 20 years. In order to always offer the best service and decorations to the taste of our customers, Deco in a box is the perfect solution to create the decor that will please everyone.

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    Where did the idea for Deco in a box come from?